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The System

All Defender Roof Edge Protection systems are freestanding with no requirement for fixings or drilling and subsequently no repair to the roof membrane, they are suitable for flat or nearly flat roofs with a maximum pitch of 3°.
The systems satisfy the requirements of BS EN ISO 14122 part 3. Uneven roofs are no problem as fittings are easily adjusted with the turn of a key to accomodate any height difference.
The system is quick and simple to install and its modular form allows the flexibility to cope with even the most demanding roof shapes.

All Defender Roof Edge Protection systems operate on a counterbalance principle using curved PVC counterweights as the main component.
A galvanised malleable iron foot with a protective rubber base supports the handrail post, this includes an integral toeplate facility which is a fundamental requirement if there is no perimeter edge upstand.

All Defender Roof Edge Protection systems include our cradle fittings, this is a major cost saver, allowing the handrail tube to be dropped into place instead of being fed thruogh several fittings as with other systems.

All Defender Roof Edge Protection systems are designed to withstand a maximum horizontal load applied perpendicular to the top rail of 300Nm or a single point load of 600Nm.